Meet Your Genius Inner Child

This is a 1-on-1 session with follow-up guidance to reconnect with the parts of yourself that hold the keys to your Soul's gifts and your Destiny Path.


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Who is Genius Inner Child?

These are brilliant, smart, Inner Artists, Creative Geniuses, the Ones who love that much, the Ones who care that much, the Ones who know, Intuitives, Psychics, the Ones who play with fairies, live in magical worlds, the Ones of Pure Innocence, The strong-willed Ones, the Courageous Ones, the Wild Ones, etc.

This 1-on-1 offer is to reconnect you with your inner child before they have been diminished, shushed, conditioned to fit in, be a good girl, a good boy, put into the box. Some of these parts may be wounded or have become invisible to protect you, while others may have adapted and conformed to societal norms.

By meeting and reconnecting with this Inner Child part of you, you not only bring them back to wholeness with love but also unlock their unique gifts and capacities. These gifts and capacities are essential for your leadership, living your Destiny Path, finding joy and playfulness in life, and rediscovering the joy of creation.

Your Genius Inner Child is your inner guru, your inner master, and a guiding light along your Destiny Path and for your life's work. Without reconciling with these parts of yourself, you may find it difficult to move forward with grace, experience quantum leaps, and evolve. They will require more of your attention, and your love through temper tantrums, sabotage, or procrastination.

What is included inside this offer?

  • 1-on-1 Session: A 45-60 minute personalized session dedicated to connecting with your genius inner child.
  • Follow-up Guidance (Recorded) based on your feedback: One-two week after the session, you will receive recorded guidance on how to continue connecting with this particular inner child.
  • Introduction to Inner Child Work. Gain a foundational understanding of inner child work and its importance in your life.
  • Recorded Practice to connect and listen to any part of your inner child.
  • Journaling Prompts to deepen your relationship with your genius inner child.


One payment of $300 or 2 payments of $155


Please note that this 1-on-1 session with follow-up guidance is not suitable for the traumatized inner child part. If your inner child requires deeper healing, I recommend reaching out to me for a deeper healing 1-1 journey.

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