Sophia Circle Journeys®

Activate your Higher Self embodiment and Sovereign Leadership in this life-changing 13-week Sophia Circle Journey® through The Sophia Code® as a living transmission and sacred text.

The Sophia Code® is a modern Mystery School blueprint for accepting your sovereign divinity through the heart of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness.

Upcoming Sophia Circle Journeys® 2024-2025

Deepen into the heart of Divine Feminine

For those who desire to walk the path the divine feminine way and deepen into divine feminine mystery.

On Fridays at 2 pm UK / 3 pm CET/ 9 am EST / 6 am PST

* Please, notice the time change for August 9th at 1.30 pm UK/ 2.30 pm CET/ 8.30 am EST/ 5.30 am PST

Each Circle is 90 min.

July 12, 26
August 9*, 23
September 6, 20
October 11, 25
November 15, 29
December 13
January 10, 24

The dates don't work for you?

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Circles are forming on a continuous basis throughout the year to cover different time zones.

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Exploring Sovereign Leadership

For current and emerging conscious leaders, who are here to create a change and move humanity forward.

On Thursdays

Circles for Chapters 1-5 bi-weekly

Circles for Chapters 6-13 every third or fourth week

Each Circle is 90 min.

Deepen into the heart of Divine Feminine

For those who desire to walk the path the divine feminine way and deepen into divine feminine mystery.

On Fridays

Circles for Chapters 1-5 bi-weekly

Circles for Chapters 6-13 bi-weekly/ every third or fourth week

Each Circle is 90 min.

Virtual Sophia Circle Journeys®

All 13 virtual circles will be held in Zoom with the camera on. Each Circle will be 90 min long.

You can connect, comment, and share your experiences between the Circles in the private portal of this website.

Please, note that Sophia Circles are not recorded!

You are committing to attending all Sophia Circles with the exception of illness or an emergency.

The investment for the entire journey is $429 ($33 per circle)

with an option to pay in full, in three payments of $143 or

monthly payments for the duration of the Journey

What is Sophia Circle Journey®?

The Sophia Circle Journey® includes a total of 13 Circle experiences in which we walk through every chapter of The Sophia Code together.

When you decide to work with The Sophia Code® you begin a powerful mentorship journey with Divine Feminine Ascended Masters. Each of these Keycode mentors has walked the same heroic human journey that you are on now. Their mentorship reveals how possible it is to live in your higher divine potential every day.

Section 1. The Sophia Code Cosmology

Chapter 1. Introducing Sophia

Chapter 2. The Sophia Code

Chapter 3. The Sophia Dragon Tribe

Chapter 4. Introducing the Keycodes

Chapter 5. A modern mystery school

Section 2. Return of the Divine Feminine Christ

Each of the following chapters has two parts: introduction and initiation from each Keycode Divine Feminine mentor.

Chapter 6. Isis
  • Meet Isis as a radiant Ascended Master teacher of sovereign empowerment for this initiatory journey of “Accepting the Sovereign Divinity of your humanity”.
  • Explore the radiance of your soul’s sovereign divine light.
  • Release past life vows and old belief systems that may be holding you back in this lifetime.
  • Activate your root chakra with foundational beliefs of worthiness and self-love.
  • Journey through the Tree of Life chakra system to align with your true divine nature.
Chapter 7. Hathor
  • Meet Hathor as an exceptional Ascended Master teacher for your unlimited human potential for this initiatory journey “Your voice as an omniscient creator of quantum reality”.
  • Activate the power of your voice, embody your intuition, and discover the unlimited abilities of your multidimensional self.
Chapter 8 Green Tara
  • Meet radiant Green Tara for this initiatory journey “It’s safe to create your heaven on Earth”.
  • Open your inner spiritual pathways for receiving information directly from the Source.
  • Activate your solar plexus chakra to embody greater self-worth.
  • Release unconscious attachments to suffering and embrace the sovereign wholeness of your Higher Self.
  • Invoke the many liberating divine qualities of Keycode 3 within you to create a heavenly reality in your daily life.
Chapter 9. Mother Mary
  • Meet Mother Mary as a loving mentor, friend, and spiritual guide
  • Open the rose of your heart chakra in the Keycode initiatory journey: “ Destiny is a Promise you made to yourself”.
  • Receive her messages for releasing past wounding so that you may fulfill your destiny in this lifetime.
  • Explore the divine qualities of your soul, activate your direct connection to the Source, and discover many creative ways that your Higher Self is always guiding you.
Chapter 10. Mary Magdalene
  • Meet Mary Magdalene in this initiatory journey “Accessing your Inner Angels of self-mastery.”
  • Discover your 9 Inner Angels of self-mastery for living at your highest potential.
  • Unfurl your angel wings, activate your throat chakra, and connect with your divine purpose in this lifetime.
Chapter 11. Quan Yin
  • Meet radiant Quan Yin as an essential spiritual guide for healing past wounds and embodying the wholeness of your divinity in this initiatory journey “Soothe your awakening with self-compassion”.
  • Connect to your Inner Child to remember the truth of your innocence.
  • Experience how to receive more self-love, self-compassion, and self-acceptance in your life.
Chapter 12. White Buffalo Woman
  • Meet White Buffalo Woman as an exceptional spiritual guide for connecting with the power of prayer in this initiatory journey “Prayer as an act of self-realisation”.
  • Receive spiritual healing for ancestral wounds and embrace your sovereign divine inheritance
  • Activate your chakras to receive miracles through intention, prayer, and meditation.
Chapter 13 The Sophia Dragons
  • Meet The Sophia Dragons as angelic guides for your unlimited sovereign potential.
  • Activate your body’s 8-major chakra system with the spiritual power of your Higher Self.
  • Receive soul healing that empowers your divine purpose.

Not sure if the Sophia Circle Journey® is for you? Have some questions or concerns?

Or if you prefer to speak with me personally about Sophia Circle Journeys®

✨ Sophia Circle Journeys® with me

As a facilitator of sacred initiation journeys, and a certified Sophia Circle Leader, my deepest desire is to return humanity home to inner union and communion with Self and Divine, one heart at a time.

I will not be able to promise you health, wealth, and abundance of love.

I will not be able to promise you, that this journey will uplift your burden and heal your suffering.

I will not be able to promise you that you will find your solace in reconciling your humanity with your divinity and who you are as a child of Sophia.

Because only your Higher Self and Sophia can do that. But this is possible.

✨ What I can promise you is a safe container, a sanctuary where you can explore your Divinity, and your Divine Sovereignty, and reconnect to different parts of yourself that require your loving attention.

✨I can promise you a safe space where you can explore speaking your truth and show up in your Sovereign Divinity.

✨ I can promise you a safe space where you can experience an alchemical transformation reconnecting with your Higher Self, Divine Mother of All Life and the Ascended Masters, who with your permission and direction from your Higher Self, are there to support you on your Ascension Journey.

✨ On this journey through The Sophia Code®, you can activate your divine genome and begin the process of embodying your Higher Self.

✨ You can establish important mentor relationships with the Ascended Masters through The Sophia Code® teachings.

My invitation for you is to explore the depth of your own Sovereign divinity by returning to the truth of who you are, as a Child of Creation. It’s both for current and emerging leaders or those who simply desire to walk their path divine feminine way.

Upcoming Sophia Circle Journeys® in 2024-2025

Circles are forming on a continuous basis throughout the year to cover different time zones.

You can get on the waitlist by choosing your Sophia Circle Journey® now.

What does each Sophia Circle look like?

  • Opening ceremonial prayers and blessings. Invocations of each Divine Feminine ascended master: White Buffalo Woman, Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, and the Sophia Dragons​​.
  • Water Prayer with Quan Yin to nourish, nurture and support your body to integrate the transformation after the Circles.
  • Silent prayer and meditation to open your heart in communion with your Higher Self, Ascended Masters, and Sophia.
  • Group readings of selected passages from a chapter of The Sophia Code®.
  • Silent reflection and journaling on a selected passage.
  • Group discussion.
  • Silent prayer and closing meditation.
  • Ceremonial closing of sacred space with group prayer.

Frequently asked questions

Is this only for women?

No, the Sophia Circle Journey® is open to anyone who desire to reconnect with their Higher Self, return to the truth of their Sovereign Divinity and build the relationship with The Sophia Code® Keycodes.

Can I have a different payment arrangement*?

Different payment arrangement is possible. Please, mention it in the enrolment form.

Please, know that the last payment will need to be paid at the latest before the last Circle.

Do I need to buy The Sophia Code®?

Yes, if you don't have yet a copy of The Sophia Code®, you will need to buy it and read the first chapter BEFORE our first Circle.

The Sophia Code® is a living transmission and a sacred text.

It's recommended to have a printed version of The Sophia Code® to do its magic. You can leave The Sophia Code® on your altar, carry it with you in the bag, or have it in your work or home environment.

How much time would I need to go through this journey?

You will show up to each of 13 Virtual Circles, each will be 90 min long.

Between the Circles, you will read aloud one chapter at a time and go through initiation.

The rest is up to you. You can take as much time as you need to do journaling, reflections, comment and share in the private forum.

Would I have the support during this journey?

The Sophia Code is both a sacred text and spiritual technology that activates a powerful inner transformation for embodying your Higher Self and mentoring with the Ascended Masters.

By journeying through The Sophia Code, each Sophia Circle creates a sacred space for you to experience heightened and accelerated personal transformation within a collective spiritual journey.

It’s important to remember that this is not a therapeutic container, a place to receive emotional counseling, or a trauma / addiction recovery support circle.

You can connect, comment and share your experiences between the Circles in the private portal of this website.

You will need to create additional support structures for your well-being, processing and integration to go through this journey if necessary.

If you would like to work with me along side your journey, 1-on-1 and small group offerings are available.

You can contact me for more information.

What if I'm not familiar with Divine Mother and other Keycodes?

I invite you to have your own experience with Ascended Masters Keycodes through the initiations of The Sophia Code® one self-loving step at a time.

What if the time doesn’t work for me?

Please note that I am located in Europe, in the CET time zone. If you cannot find a suitable time for The Sophia Circle Journey®, please email me at with the subject line "Request for the Sophia Circle Journey" and propose a few available time slots in your time zone. I will take into account your desire when I plan future Sophia Circle Journeys.

What is the Refund Policy?

If at the beginning of the journey, you realize that this journey is not for you or not now, or in case of health or family emergency you need to drop out from the Journey, a partial refund on a pro-rata basis can be done for future circles only.

You will not be refunded for Circles that you didn't attend.

Please, know that The Sophia Circles will demand you to look at things that may be uncomfortable and this is absolutely normal. That's why we suggest creating support structures in advance.

Going through an emotional rollercoaster, facing your fears, discomfort, etc, is not a good enough reason to drop from the Journey.

Not sure if the Sophia Circle Journey® is for you? Have some questions or concerns?

Or if you prefer to speak with me personally about Sophia Circle Journeys®

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