Meet Anna

✨Multidimensional Divine Channel & Spiritual Guide.

☀️OverLightening Presence for Long-traveled Souls to come back home to their Inner Union and Communion.

⚡️Highest Destiny Path Activator for trailblazers and way-showers on a Path of Benevolent Leaders.

🕊Sophia Circle Journeys® Leader

I was born with codes of Divine Feminine wisdom. However, I didn’t have full conscious awareness of my gifts, what it was, and how to use them. The difference between what I knew inside of me and my outside reality created a lot of confusion and trauma in my life.

I have chosen to follow the traditional path to becoming a master in yoga/tantra tradition as a disciple until I’ve realized that I “outgrown it”, this wasn’t my path and I needed to create something of my own.

At that time I was teaching yoga classes and transformational programs for women and I decided to combine my business and financial background/skills to be Visionary Mentor for Conscious entrepreneurs. However the more I progressed in that direction, the more I lost myself in the process by trying to fit into the existing mentoring and spiritual industry instead of creating my own haven on earth.

In Feb 2016 I screamed at the event “I want to play with Gods now”, and later in November, I declared that I want to be a walking taking Goddess on this planet and speak the words of God/divine. I asked that every part of my life resonates with the energy of God.

Since then it was a very very intense journey of skin shedding, resurrection, divine feminine and divine masculine restoration, countless initiations with different Goddesses archetypes as direct channeling or through embodiment practices, and numerous rites of passage completion.

Light language came spontaneously and the more I allowed the more I could access different realms/dimensions and my Soul gifts.

I also have been stepping into deeper communion with my physical body which looked like healing my newfound auto-immune thyroid disease and lower hernia episode where I spent 2 months in bed from excruciating sciatica pain healing ancestral physical trauma. It was all part of Life preparing me to step into my work.

Last year, I finally surrendered to Divine Will and said Yes to the Promise I made to myself to walk my Destiny Path as Benevolent Leader.

Meet My Inner Children

You will meet my Inner Children through all of my work as They LOVE to show up for Your Inner Children.

My 4 y.o. She is a force of nature, a free-will wild child, you can’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. She is all about high discernment and choosing conscious aligned action.

My 5 y.o She is a Magic and Miracle child, an Alchemist of Life. She loves to create magic and miracles, with lots of fireworks behind the scene while having fun. She loves to laugh with joy. On a left is a LightCodes infused painting to activate your light codes and light language gifts done by her.

My 7 y.o. Brilliant, Magnificent child with gifts and talents she wants to be seen and acknowledged for. She doesn’t want to hide anymore how intelligent, brilliant, and talented she is. She is the one who loves to witness others shine their light.

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